Who We are

All of our ministries echo our overall church goal and vision: Connect, Grow, Share. We might phrase it slightly different from ministry to ministry to better address the age groups that we are interacting with. In our Fusion ministry we do this through the simple words Found, Equipped, Sent.

As a ministry we want to make sure that all of our students develop a relationship with God, that they would be Found in the love of our Heavenly Father. Then we want to empower our students through teaching, serving opportunities and small groups to Equip them for the work of God and His kingdom. Lastly, we want our students to know that they have a valuable role to play in the narrative of God's story, and that they are being Sent out to share God's grace with others. 

We are doing everything we can during this season to ensure our student's and leader's safety. Here are our Social Distance Policies during this season:

  1. Maintaining Social Distance – We will make sure that students are 6-feet apart during gatherings. On Sunday nights seats will be arranged prior to students arrival in the fellowship Hall and other meeting spaces 6 feet apart for our teaching session and for discipleship groups. 
  2. Masks Are Not Required – As of right now we are not requiring students or leaders to wear masks during gatherings. Individuals are welcomed to wear masks if it makes them more comfortable during gatherings. 
  3. Limited Bathroom Use – Students will only be allowed to the bathroom before or after student gatherings. Only one student will be able to use the bathroom at a time to make sure that we are maintaining social distance practices. 
  4. No Early Drop Off – Students will not be able to enter the building until 5 minutes prior to the event’s actual start time. Students are welcomed to wait in the vehicle with their parents until our events start time.

winter 20-21 Schedule

Please make sure to follow Fusion on Facebook and Instagram to get the most updated information on ministry gatherings! 

December 20 - Annual Fusion Fiesta
December 27 - Fusion Winter Break
January 3 - Fusion Winter Break
January 10 - Fusion Winter Break
January 17 - High School Winter Retreat
January 24 - MS and HS Services Start Back
January 31 - MS and HS Services

High School Winter Retreat

We're so excited to be able to hold our annual High School Winter Retreat! We're looking forward to a long weekend of discipleship, worship, fun and hangout. 

We are taking some big steps to make sure that we are being careful when it comes to potential Covid exposure. These include three major changes to our trip structure:

1) Limiting Group Size. We will take no more than 45 people on our retreat. Spaces are very limited. 

2) Limited Outing Experiences. Students will have the opportunity to spend half a day skiing and to participate in an Escape Room. Those will be the only outings during the retreat.

3) Travel Procedures. Each individual temperature will be taken before we depart, we will limit number of students per vehicle, and we will pick up food instead of stopping to eat. 

You will find these policies and more explained in greater detail in our student/parent packet, which is available when you sign up for the retreat or on our website.

The retreat will take place over the 2021 MLK weekend, 

January 15th through January 14th. 

Trip cost for students

- Non-skiers: $215
- Skiers: $275 - This includes lift ticket and snowboard/ski rentals. Does not include bib or helmet rental. 

We know that 2020 has been hard on families. We don't believe that money is something that should keep students from experiencing the love of God or keep them from an opportunity for discipleship. Financial scholarship are available upon request, just e-mail Hugo@chapinumc.com.

Please mail payments addressed to Fusion Student Ministry to Chapin UMC to 415 Lexington Avenue, Chapin 29036, SC. You can not make payments online. Payments must be turned in by January 15th before we depart. 

Click HERE to register a female student

Click HERE to register a male student

If you have any questions or problems getting your student registered please e-mail our Youth Minister at Hugo@chapinumc.com



We believe that the job of discipling our children and partnering with parents is one of the most important things we can do. We also recognize that this is a team effort. We love when parents jump in and help serve in any of our family ministries. If you would like to serve with our Wave, Transit or Fusion ministries please sign up by following the links below. 

Safe Sanctuary Policy - In our Safe Sanctuary policy we detail our policies and procedures for volunteering with and taking care of our children, teens and vulnerable adults. 

Volunteer Application - Follow this link to find our volunteer application which includes background check authorization.