Fusion is our Student Ministry program at CUMC. As a church we believe that the spiritual development of the upcoming generations is incredibly important. We place a lot of emphasize on making sure that our kids have a safe place to learn more about Jesus, starting with The Wave (birth-4th), Transit (5th - 6th) and Fusion (7th -12th).

All of our ministries echo our overall church goal and vision: Connect, Grow, Share. We might phrase it slightly different from ministry to ministry to better address the age groups that we are interacting with. In our Fusion ministry we do this through the simple words Found, Equipped, Sent.

As a ministry we want to make sure that all of our students develop a relationship with God, that they would be Found in the love of our Heavenly Father. Then we want to empower our students through teaching, serving opportunities and small groups to Equip them for the work of God and His kingdom. Lastly, we want our students to know that they have a valuable role to play in the narrative of God's story, and that they are being Sent out to share God's grace with others. 

At Fusion we have a very simple goal, "we want to simplify our approach to amplify Jesus." This just means that our focus is not necessarily to have the biggest, most cutting edge, crazy games and set up. We will have games and do cool events but all of that comes in second to creating an opportunity for our students to have a genuine encounter with God. 

For more information on our PROGRAMING, EVENTS, AND TRIPS, keep scrolling down the page

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If you have any questions about Fusion please e-mail Hugo at hugo@chapinum.com

Fusion Service  times

We Believe that it’s important to meet the needs of our students in a way that is specifically geared to meet them where they are. This is why we have a Middle School Service and a High school service. Each services is geared specifically to the stage that our students are going through and provides an environment appropriate to their age group. While they will both cover the same topic most of the time, it is presented in a way that is more appropriate and easier for that group to understand. 

Both of our groups meet on Sunday evenings. They do come together occasionally for a night of fun, food and community building that we call our "One Nights". On these nights both groups gather from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. You will see these nights on the meeting schedule below. 


Fusion  Middle School Service  4:00 PM - 5:30 PM.

Fusion High School Service 6:15 PM - 8:00 PM.

Here is our upcoming gathering schedule. 


December 9-30th - No Fusion Gatherings

(Christmas Break)


January 6-27th - No Fusion services because of the

HS Winter Retreat and the Middle School Ice Skating Night

February 3rd - Super Bowl Field Day (No Sunday Night Services)

February 10th - Regular MS and HS Service Times

February 17th - Regular MS and HS Service Times

February 24th - Regular MS and HS Service Times

March 3rd - Regular MS and HS Service Times

March 10th - Regular MS and HS Service Times

March 17th - CUMC Worship Night

March 31st - Regular MS and HS Service Times

April 7th - Regular MS and HS Service Times

April 14th - No Fusion Services (Spring Break)

April 21st - No Fusion Services (Easter Sunday)

April 28th - Graduate Recognition Sunday Night

May 5th - 26th No Fusion Services

If you have any questions about meeting times, please e-mail Hugo at hugo@chapinumc.com.

Fusion Ministry Events

These events are meant to be a fun evening where students can invite friends, hang out, and grow in their sense of community. Some events might be geared just for Middle School or High School students. If you have any questions about an event, just e-mail Hugo at hugo@chapinumc.com. Please know that these event do change from time to time. Make sure you're staying informed on the latest by signing up for our parent newsletter

  • Middle School

      ice SKATING night

    JAnuary 25th

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  • Super bowl

    field day

    February 3rd

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  • Fusion game night

    March 8th

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  • Father/son paintball

    March 16th

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  • Mother/Daughter Worship Night

    April 11th

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  • High School Senior graduate recognition ngiht

    April 28th

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  • Summer 19

    squad Wars

    Kick Off -  May 11th

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Upcoming Fusion Retreats

Through out the year we try to take our students on a few different retreats to help refocus our attention on God and strengthen that relationship. These trips are a great opportunity for our students to create new friendships and grow closer to their leaders. 

We try hard to price these trips so that they are affordable to all. However, we understand that sometime these trips can be financially challenging. We never want money to be the reason a student is not able to participate or experience a connection with God. Thats why we offer partial and full scholarships for all of these events. Scholarships are distributed on an as needed bases and for large families with multiple kids who would want to attend the trips. Just fill out the Scholarship Form and have it turned in to Hugo. 

  • High School winter Retreat

    It's Time for our annual High School Winter Retreat!! This year we will be staying an extra night to get the most out of this experience as possible. The retreat will take place from January 18th - 21st, 2019. We will be going back to the Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. 

    This weekend is focused on creating a life changing opportunity for our High School students. We will have great teaching sessions and worship focused on bringing our attention and hearts back to God. We will also have small groups where we will dive into discussions and really focus on discipleship. 

    We want your students to have a lot more than a fun weekend filled with friends; we want their lives to be transformed as they encounter the changing grace of Jesus Christ. 

    Trip Cost is $250 for students. If your student would like to spend the day skiing or snowboarding on Saturday it is an extra $60. There is additional safety equipment that can be rented if you so chose. 

    Please remember that payments must be made with checks or cash. They can be turned in on Sunday mornings in the offering plate, dropped off at the church office, or mailed into 415 Lexington Ave. Chapin, SC, 29036. Please make sure that all checks include your students name and "HS Retreat" in the memo line. 

    The first, non-refundable, deposit is $100 and due December 2nd, 2018. Final balance for the Winter Retreat will be due on January 13th, 2019.

    Follow this LINK to get your student signed up!!! Registration will close on January 14th

  • Fusion Summer Camp 2019

    Summer Camp is the best week of the year in our Fusion Calendar. There's no other time or event in which we see this level of fellowship or community among our students and our leaders. We also get to see students encounter God on a completely different level. We are very intentional about creating a space where students can be separated from their everyday distraction and can focus their attention on God.

    This week is made up of great times of worship, amazing talks about our faith, and SO MUCH FUN!!! Besides our structured competitions we also have access to a massive gym where students can play basketball, an 18 hole disc golf course, sand volleyball court, hang out space, pool, pond where they can canoe or paddle boat, walking trail and more. The opportunities for students to connect are endless.

    We will be attending camp at the Bonclarken Christian Conference Center in Flat Rock, NC. This is an amazing facility, with great food and amenities. All of our students will be staying in lodges that are located right next to each other.

    Our FSC19 dates are already locked in. We'll be going June 29 - July 3, 2019. Make sure to mark your calendars.

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